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We look at things from an extraordinary point of view, doubt common values, and bring out hidden facts. Such a position is underlined by the inverted trademark logo.
We use questionable, ambiguous artefacts of national culture, which are intentionally cultivated to be both naive and honest.
We try to propagate the specific attributes of the Russian personality through its traditions and high technologies, elitist and mass culture, and official and underground spirit.
We include the incongruous and do not place limits on ranges of style.
We appreciate individuality, mental warmth and hand-made work.
We know how to create European-quality designed products with a Russian spirit.

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Date of birth: June 12, 1974
Place of birth: Moscow, Russian Federation
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Archive of DENIS SIMACHEV was updated with compilation of previous collections created by the team of specialists who appear to be great psychologists and explorers of Russian culture.
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